Where can I find Big T products?

To find Big T Coastal Provisions products, check Publix, Harris Teeter, Ingles and Lowes Foods stores in the Southeast US and Giant and Martin's in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. If we’re not sold in your area, we’ll gladly ship it out to you: simply click here to order. And, if you’d like to see Big T in a store near you, please complete our retailer request form and hand it over to the customer service desk or seafood department manager … we appreciate your spreading the Big T love! 

What makes your products different than others out there?

First, our products are from tried and true family recipes that we've enjoyed for generations. And we use only the highest quality ingredients; what you would use in your own kitchen! But, the beauty is that you can purchase and enjoy Big T products without all the fuss … we’ve made it easy for you!

What's up with "KRAB"?

Big T Coastal Provisions Crab Dip is made with 100% REAL crab!  We only use wild caught blue crab claw meat in our products. You will never find any "krab" product in our dips because that's just not crab! It's the REAL crab meat that makes the difference and we pledge to always use the real thing! 

Crack them open and enjoy! Our products are ready to eat when you bring them home. But, if you’re like us, you'll enjoy using the dips in different ways. We’ve made that easy for you too! Click here for recipes that incorporate our products and make them even more versatile.

How do I serve
Big T Coastal Provisions products?

Yes! Big T Coastal Provisions Crab Dip (original and jalapeño) along with our Shrimp Dip are all gluten free.

Is Big T Gluten Free?

A "use by" date is printed on every container lid. Once opened, you can reseal and continue to enjoy it until the use by date. We recommend resealing the container by removing as much air (press firmly on the lid while closing) as possible. But honestly, most folks tell us our dips are usually enjoyed in one sitting!

What is the shelf life of Big T Coastal Provisions Dips?

Yes, we've recently launched our online store here and we're glad to ship direct to you! To maintain our high quality standards and ensure your order is fresh upon arrival, we ship in insulated shipping boxes with refrigerated gel packs. Shipping options include either Express Overnight or Express Two Day service. Given the resources required to preserve perishable seafood products, we are continually working with our delivery partners to ensure the highest quality and safety standards at the most reasonable delivery rates.

Can I buy online and how do you keep products fresh when shipping?

We are in the kitchen preparing meals for our family everyday. By doing so, we are always experimenting and dreaming up new recipes. Stay tuned for new products we already have in mind! And let us know what you would like to see, we're all ears!

What’s next for the folks at Big T?