No doubt about it, you share a treasured Southern family recipe and you best not show your face at the next family affair! So rather than spill the secret ingredients to an inherited recipe, Sullivan's Island, SC native Tony Blanchard took what he knows best – seafood (he's owned both a wholesale seafood market as well as a local clam farm), and went about perfecting a recipe that’s been in his family for generations.

Finally, after years of talking about it, Tony and wife Tracy ('little t') decided to bring to market the family’s entertaining jewel: crab dip … real crab dip … the kind that works equally well next to your sterling silver as it does alongside a cooler of longnecks.

Tony (Big T's namesake) is no little guy … so it only seemed natural to call it Big T's crab dip as so many friends through the years have done. Maybe it's all the wild caught crab, maybe it’s the perfect combination of rich cheeses and signature spices, or maybe it's the fact that eating that imitation "krab" stuff is just not right.

With lots of crab dip love from shoppers, food writers and retailers alike, Big T (and little) set out to create more recipes anchored on the freshest seafood. Along came their distinctly delicious recipes for Jalapeño Crab Dip and Shrimp Dip.

One thing's for sure: this is love at first bite … we're betting you'll agree these are the finest seafood dips you’ve ever tasted: real seafood from real coastal folk!



All Crab No Bull: Real Ingredients

Our products are from tried and true family recipes that we've enjoyed for generations. We use only the highest quality ingredients because we wouldn’t serve it any other way.  So that means - no cutting corners, no artificial “Krab.” We only use 100% real wild caught blue crab claw meat in our products. You will never find any "krab" product in our dips because that's just not crab! Crab is the first ingredient and it's the REAL crab meat that makes the difference.   We pledge to always use the real thing!

Big T Coastal Provisions Dips are Gluten Free and free of High Fructose Corn Syrup, artificial flavorings and fillers.