Happy 2014!

We are off to the races and couldn’t be more excited! Lots of fun events in the near future and a new product debut have us moving quickly. I find myself more motivated and organized if I am busy and engaged so I say bring it on!


We just returned from a weekend in Birmingham to serve up our crab and shrimp dips to both established and up and coming Southern food bloggers at Food Blog South. We so enjoyed getting to know some of the most respected and engaging writers, creative photographers and discerning critics in the food world today. As previously noted, this past year has been a crash course in the specialty foods/retail grocery industry and I’ve learned that food bloggers have a real connection to the very same people we want exposed to our products! So, we were thrilled to rub elbows with these folks and excited to get back to Birmingham. It’s been years and from what I can see, the food scene there is fabulous.

Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) in Charleston will surely bring three days of crazy to our little company in February! SEWE was our first big event last year and we were overwhelmed with the response for our brand new product. The SEWE crowds are always fun and appreciative of good food. It’s incredible to think that we will be able to tell them how many more stores we are in now. Woooohoo!

Next up will be the fabulous Charleston Wine and Food Festival, followed by the Southern C Summit right here in our own backyard this time. Food is front and center at both events and we are so grateful to be a part of them. What’s next after that? Our first Fancy Food Show in New York! We are totally excited and a wee bit nervous, but it will be tremendous exposure for our growing product line!

The recipes we have featured on our new and improved website have gotten lots of great feedback from our loyal customers. We absolutely love to hear from people who have tried the dips in recipes. Please drop us a line if you have any new ways that you have been using Big T in your meal prep. Who knows, we just might feature your recipe on our website and share it out via social media!

Stay tuned: Big T Shrimp Dip will be making its debut in a few weeks. We are thrilled introduce this tasty addition and promise to let you know when and where you can find it.

Cheers to a wonderful 2014!