Big T Gooey Crab Melt

Summer is here, the kids are out of school and the pace is slowing down...well, at least a little bit.  In the summer, I always look forward to having more time to cook supper and more time to read.....two of my favorite things to do.   

There are nights though, that we may want to hop on the boat for an evening cruise or head out to the beach for a picnic.  My family loves chicken, shrimp and egg salads so this is usually my go to menu for a picnic.  The paper store has those cute Chinese take-out boxes so everyone gets their own little container.  

Thinking that it's time for a change, I decided to do some sandwiches for everyone.  Then I started to think about incorporating Big T crab dip in to the sandwiches.  Think   gooey grilled cheese sandwich meets crab dip and you've got a Big T crab melt that really works!  

So take it outside tonight and pack a picnic!  Below is this super easy recipe for Big T Crab Melt.

Big T Crab Melt 

Sliced Sourdough or a Rustic Bread
Big T Crab Dip- Original or Jalapeno
Melted Butter
Sliced Tomatoes
Romaine Lettuce

Simply melt some butter (you can do it on the stove top but I get lazy and microwave it).  Paint the butter on each slice with a kitchen paint brush.  If you want to use spreadable butter, go for it.  I like the Smart Balance butter products.  Coat your pan with cooking spray and heat the pan on medium.  Go ahead a put the bread in the pan and then quickly load it up with Big T Crab Dip, top it with the lettuce and tomato and seal it with the top slice of bread.  The heat at this point should be a want to get a good light brown crust and also let the cheese in the crab dip get melted.  It should take about 1 1/2-2 minutes on each side but just make sure the crab dip is looking nice and melted.  Some people love burnt grilled cheese....not a fan myself, but if you like it, go for it!  Transfer the sandwich to some parchment paper, wrap it up and head outside!  Cheers!