A Southern "C" Gathering

A chance meeting turned into a wonderful opportunity for us to meet and learn from some of the coolest tastemakers in the South.  I met the founders of The Southern Coterie when I stopped by to meet with Carrie Morey of the fabulous Callie's Biscuits.  As with all southerners, founders Whitney Wise Long and Cherie Leavy and I were able to connect the dots to where we are from and friends we have in common.  Whitney and Cherie told me about the inaugural Southern C Summit they were hosting on Jekyll Island.  I left our meeting learning a lot from Carrie and the exciting prospect of serving up Big T crab dip at the Summit and networking with some fantastic southerners!

Whitney and Cherie put together an impressive array of southern creatives with lively panel discussions, fabulous food and opportunities abound to meet, learn and collaborate.  Typical of Southerners, everyone had a great story to tell and no one was shy to share theirs.  Also typical of this crowd was a most definite style and grace despite the elements attitude.  Jekyll Island must have been smack in the middle of a monsoon but that did not stop the Southern C's from donning their hip dresses and 3 inch heels.  Everyone, especially Whitney and Cherie, kept a smile on their face the entire time we were there.

With Lisa Craig, Whitney Wise Long and Karen Weaver

With Lisa Craig, Whitney Wise Long and Karen Weaver

In the end, we learned about giving our brand a voice, growing our business through social media, pitching media and more.  We even got to meet some of the editors of Southern Living magazine!  The editors showed us a few covers from way back and I must say, I think I recognized quite a few of them from my mom and grandmother's stacks of Southern Livings. K. Cooper Ray of the Social Primer was our keynote speaker.....I want to hit the town with him one night....he was a riot!

To top it all off, we got to serve Big T crab dip to all the attendees before lunch one day.  It was such fun to introduce Big T to a whole new group of people who had not yet tried it.  We are very grateful for the opportunity to tell more people about our products that we are working so hard to introduce to the marketplace!

So thank you Whitney and Cherie for introducing all of us to each other.  We are looking forward to the next conversation with the Southern C! 


Source: http://www.thesouthernc.com/