How about a little crab dip with that omelet?

Last weekend, Big T requested a crab dip omelet which was followed by the same request from our twelve year old daughter. I have pretty much been a non-egg eater for most of my life. I love going out for brunch, but my ordering options are limited because most menus are heavy on the eggs. I lament that I usually love the tasty ingredients inside the omelet, just not the omelet itself. If I ever go back to eating eggs, it will be for a crab dip omelet! From all accounts at my house, it is worthy of going back. The best part? It's super easy! So if you want to make an impression, follow this recipe and become a hero for the day.

First, decide how many eggs you want in your omelet. I typically use 2-3 eggs in mine.  Whisk the eggs together ( My dad taught me to add a little water to make them fluffier) and add a pinch of salt and pepper. Warm your pan making sure you have sprayed it with cooking spray and pour in the eggs. Let the eggs set up a bit for a few minutes. Then crack open a container of Big T crab dip (original or jalapeno, whichever you prefer) and dollop it down the middle of the eggs. Let the cheese melt a bit and then gently fold one side of the omelet over the other.  Carefully flip the omelet over with a spatula and let the omelet sit for a few seconds.  Slide it onto a plate and serve!  You will be a hero at your house for at least a day!