Real, Local...Lovin' it.

In the last 3 weeks that Big T crab dip has been in Piggly Wiggly stores, I’ve had the opportunity to do product tastings in many of their stores. It has been so much fun! As much as Tony, aka, Big T and I know that this crab dip is awesome and will make a splash, it’s still scary to “put ourselves out there.” When I do these tastings, my fears are laid to rest! I have come home from each tasting with so many great stories to tell Big T about people’s reactions, comments and excitement.  


Even though I have repeated all of the Big T highlights hundreds of times in just a few short weeks, I realize what an impact these things have on people.  Typically, they go like this:

Big T is made from 100% real crab…"Wow, I can really taste the crab!”

It’s made from an old recipe handed down through the generations in my husband’s family... "Well, I’m glad it survived all these years.”

You can serve it right out of the container with crackers or we have several serving suggestions on our website… "Never mind that, I’m going to eat it in the car.” 

I am Tracy Blanchard and my husband is Big T… "Well, where is Big T? (Home with the kids or working!!)”

We are a local company…"I love that you are local. That makes a big difference to me.”

We recently started our business and are excited to be here at the Pig… "Wow, that is terrific!  Best of luck to you.” 

Truly, all of these folks have been so kind! And hungry too… I’ve had lots of people circle back around for another bite. I don’t mind, it means they like it!