Tailgating Big T Style

The end of summer and back to school stinks. Sorry, but it does. Back to the grind, back to the routine and soon, the sun will disappear far too early in the evening. But around this house, we do take heart in one of the best times of the year...football season, especially college football. Our twelve year old son is up early on Saturdays and blasting Game Day to get everyone excited and it works! Pure joy!

Even if we are not at a tailgate, you better believe there is a tailgate menu planned anyway. I suppose it's obvious we like crab, so it's bound to be on the menu. Clearly one of the easiest ways to serve Big T dip is to crack it open and put some crackers in a basket  But we have to kick it up sometimes, right?

We love crab cakes, so we thought why not make sliders out of the crab dip? And why not kick it up with a spicy remoulade and nutty arugla?  You can prepare them ahead of time and wrap them in foil to keep them warm.  

So get your gridiron on and hunker down for football season! Big T Crab Dip Sliders will be a fun addition to your tailgate this year!



Big T Easter Bunny Deviled Eggs

I spent a good part of my childhood and adult life REALLY not liking eggs in any way, shape or form. I will still not eat eggs cooked certain ways, but I've come along way. I definitely never thought I would eat a deviled egg, but I've really come to love them. Since I have this little thing with adding Big T dips to all sorts of recipes, I came up with these recipes for crab and shrimp deviled eggs. It's a great way to dress up an old favorite and best of all, it is easy!  Happy Easter to all of you!

Thanksgiving with a T

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, most of you are probably finalizing your menu and making grocery lists. Or maybe you just have to show up with a bottle of wine or some dinner rolls!  Whatever the case may be, take a look at our Big T Deviled Crab with Oysters On The Half Shell. It's a deliciously elegant, surprisingly easy dish that will add a new twist to your Thanksgiving menu.

Enjoy Thanksgiving Day with friends and family and brace yourself for an even crazier season to follow!

Tailgating with a T

It's our favorite time of the year again: college football season! It only gets better as cooler weather appears. There are all kinds of ways to serve Big T at a tailgate, but most people like the convenience of just cracking it open and serving it with crackers. 

Here's one of our favorite recipes, Roasted Jalapenos with Big T Shrimp  Dip. The jalapenos become a bit milder in the oven or on the grill and the cheese in the shrimp dip melts and gets a nice crisp on top. Yum!  Click here for the recipe.

We would love to see how you serve Big T at your tailgate. Send us your pictures with a caption for a chance to win a Big T dip trio. We'll announce and notify the lucky winner on October 18th. 

Here we grow again!

We're thrilled to share that we have added approximately 800 new stores to the Big T family! By signing on with Giant Carlisle, Giant Landover, Martin’s and Lowes Foods, we're now available throughout the mid-Atlantic and Northeast US including stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Washington DC. We're already looking forward to making friends at future tastings in as many of these new areas as possible!

In addition to our new retailers, we're also excited to see where Big T has traveled … including a current bus tour with country music star Chad Warrix and band! We love hearing stories and seeing pictures of how you, friends and family enjoy our dips. Sharing your thoughts, experiences and favorite recipes is always welcome ... in fact, we just might include your comments among other fans on our website!

From a modest launch less than two years ago with just 60 retail outlets in South Carolina, we're delighted to expand among our neighbors to the north. Thanks to our many loyal customers and fans who've supported and celebrated with us along the way!

Cheers y’all!

Happy 2014!

We are off to the races and couldn’t be more excited! Lots of fun events in the near future and a new product debut have us moving quickly. I find myself more motivated and organized if I am busy and engaged so I say bring it on!


We just returned from a weekend in Birmingham to serve up our crab and shrimp dips to both established and up and coming Southern food bloggers at Food Blog South. We so enjoyed getting to know some of the most respected and engaging writers, creative photographers and discerning critics in the food world today. As previously noted, this past year has been a crash course in the specialty foods/retail grocery industry and I’ve learned that food bloggers have a real connection to the very same people we want exposed to our products! So, we were thrilled to rub elbows with these folks and excited to get back to Birmingham. It’s been years and from what I can see, the food scene there is fabulous.

Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) in Charleston will surely bring three days of crazy to our little company in February! SEWE was our first big event last year and we were overwhelmed with the response for our brand new product. The SEWE crowds are always fun and appreciative of good food. It’s incredible to think that we will be able to tell them how many more stores we are in now. Woooohoo!

Next up will be the fabulous Charleston Wine and Food Festival, followed by the Southern C Summit right here in our own backyard this time. Food is front and center at both events and we are so grateful to be a part of them. What’s next after that? Our first Fancy Food Show in New York! We are totally excited and a wee bit nervous, but it will be tremendous exposure for our growing product line!

The recipes we have featured on our new and improved website have gotten lots of great feedback from our loyal customers. We absolutely love to hear from people who have tried the dips in recipes. Please drop us a line if you have any new ways that you have been using Big T in your meal prep. Who knows, we just might feature your recipe on our website and share it out via social media!

Stay tuned: Big T Shrimp Dip will be making its debut in a few weeks. We are thrilled introduce this tasty addition and promise to let you know when and where you can find it.

Cheers to a wonderful 2014!

Merry Christmas Y'all!

2013 is quickly coming to a close. I guess the old adage is true, the older you get, the faster time flies! Just over a year ago, we started shipping Big T crab dip to our first customer. It seems like only yesterday … and while it’s been a whirlwind ever since, we are deeply grateful for it! We've been honored to add new retailers and make lots of new friends this year. Folks seem to love the recent addition of jalapeño crab dip to our product line and we're thrilled that Big T shrimp dip will be making its debut in January. With new retailers on the horizon, new products being crafted and lots of fun events going on in 2014, we're looking to start the new year off with a bang!


Don’t forget to check out our new and improved website; it’s chock full of tasty recipes, pictures, upcoming events and even better: an online shopping cart! We will be adding new items for sale in the coming months, so stay tuned and check back often. You can order through Monday, December 16th for deliveries before Christmas.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful holiday season filled with family, friends, food and fun! Merry Christmas y’all!

It's Dressing, not Stuffing!

Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday!

In the past it was Christmas, but as I get older, the stress of it all wears me out. I think it illustrates just how crazy all of our lives are these days. We just want one day where we allow ourselves to eat too much, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade followed by some football and take a well deserved nap! It’s decadent for sure, but it’s what we do … and what we need, right?


In addition to catching up with family and friends, one of the things I most look forward to at Thanksgiving is my grandmother’s dressing. And yes, it’s dressing, not stuffing. I can honestly say I have never eaten stuffing … nope, never. I’m sure it’s tasty, but stuffing has never been a part of my family’s recipe box. Back to the dressing: it is my beloved Mammy’s (yep, that’s what we called my grandmother) recipe that she made until she simply could no longer. Mammy passed away in January 2000, the same year our first child was born. My mom learned to make the dressing in the kitchen alongside Mammy and she will tell you that her dressing is good, but Mammy’s was better. I think Mom should finally give herself a little credit. It is just as good, if not better!

So the dressing is like none that I have ever tasted anywhere. It is cornbread based which is fairly common in the South. But there is something different. I have looked through loads of recipes to find what makes ours unique. One thing my mom insists upon is Adams cornmeal, milled in Dothan, Alabama (where I was born). She either buys it mail order or when she’s visiting in Alabama. She uses the cornmeal to make an egg bread which consists of buttermilk, eggs, baking soda, celery and green onions. She bakes this in Mammy’s cast iron skillet (that fact is never lost on any of us … I’m lucky enough to have my great grandmother’s cast iron skillet). After the egg bread is done, Mom goes about mixing it all together with rich hen broth and either a few slices of white bread or leftover biscuits. She works it in a big bowl to get the right consistency and seasons it with only salt and pepper (no sage, no thyme … it’s really the only dressing recipe I’ve ever seen that doesn’t contain sage, thyme or other herbs). My dad will usually stand over her making sure enough salt and pepper gets added (I usually join the salting and the peppering because I like lots of pepper too). The dressing is then baked in a casserole dish until it is golden and the sides get crispy and yummy.

Thanksgiving is most definitely about traditions. This little recipe has been our tradition for as long as I can remember. Sure, we love all the other goodies around the table, but this is what we dream about all year long. Although my mom typically hosts Thanksgiving (and politely insists on making the whole meal), Mammy's cornbread dressing will always be a part of my little family’s tradition too.

Cheers to a happy Thanksgiving with beloved family recipes, flowing wine, football, family, friends and … of course a few naps in between!

Southern with a "C"

We had the opportunity to hit the road last week to Athens, GA for the second installment of the Southern C Summit. The founders of the Southern Coterie, Cherie Leavy and Whitney Wise Long, know how to connect like minded people and have a good time while they are at it!  


We had to loosen our belts as we pulled out of Athens because this Summit was all about food. Not just any food....spectacular Southern food that you just don't get everyday. Our first treat was a cocktail party held at the home of Lee Epting.  Lee is the founder of Epting Events and along with his sons Ashley and Daniel, they produce some of the most unique and memorable events in the South. Lee is a true southern renaissance man and raconteur. He cooks, he creates, he regales with funny stories, and for fun, he collects old houses and restores them on his property, The Hill. We were tempted to move in with Lee. A setting so perfect where you can be so well fed and enjoy fine cocktails made with briny blueberries from Phickle Chickle? It was hard to leave.

The next day was full of networking and learning from presenters like Shameeka Ayers, aka, "The Broke Socialite" and Jennifer Bilbro of Pink Bike Networking and Out to Eat with Kids. These funny, smart and witty presenters filled our minds with ways to promote our products via social media and ways to set ourselves apart from the rest of the pack. Lunch you ask? I'll just say it's not my typical Thursday afternoon lunch. It truly was all the foods that I adore the most from spectacular restaurants around Athens (two of them being Hugh Acheson restaurants!). We even had a Schermer Pecan break and Goo Goo Clusters for dessert...heaven!

We ended the day with Cocktails and Conversation at the Georgia Theater. Big T was on display this night as we got to serve up lots of Big T Crab Dips. We even gave everyone a preview of our upcoming shrimp dip. The Southern "C'ers" are such a fabulous audience for Big T. We got high marks for our new product and we couldn't be happier. I even got to meet one of my favorite cookbook authors and chefs, Gena Knox! Rounding out the night was a panel discussion led by Southern Living executive editor, Hunter Lewis, with several accomplished Athens chefs and mixologists. It was incredible!

The Summit ended on an incredibly high note with brunch back out at The Hill. It's a great day when you you get to start your day with a Fat and Juicy Bloody Mary! Most of the brunch was cooked over a wood burning fireplace in cast iron skillets and pots. It was simply some of the best food I have ever eaten. Lee and his chefs prepared stone ground grits with gravy, fluffy biscuits, tomato pudding (trust me, it was to die for), peaches, figs and my new obsession, rooster pepper sausage. The sausage is specially made for the Eptings and it to die for...period.

Thanks again to the Southern C girls and everyone that worked so hard to make the Summit a resounding success. We left Athens with our heads full of knowledge, fun new friends and tight pants. My task before the next Southern C is to find cute pants with an elastic waist band.  Well done Cherie and Whitney!